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Duke joined our family in December of 2016 at 9 weeks of age!  He is a Rescue Pup.  His mother was found pregnant and tied to a tree in Amish Country. I’m proud to report all of his siblings were also adopted to loving homes!

Duke is an above average “Puppy”!.  He believes he is part goat so he eats/ chews everything.  His energy is off the charts.  And he fully believes there is a conspiracy to steal his treats so they must be buried under every cushion in our house as well as throughout the backyard.

Duke loves to do full body stretches while getting his belly rubbed and he loves his friends at Dog Days of Buffalo!



Hank the labradoodle joined the family the day after Thanksgiving in 2013!

He snuggled with his dad, aunt and sister all the way from Ohio to Buffalo!

We raised Luna and Hank together on Norwood Avenue. They are big fans of running around dog parks and taking long walks around the village. Hank loves fetching his chuckit ball or frisbee. He thinks he’s Michael Phelps when he swims in the waves of Lake Erie too!

You can see Hank is also a supporter of marching for what he believes in. That’s a picture of him in his BTF shirt and fellow BTF friend, Kali! If he’s not playing fetch, he’s chilling on his bed or getting in to trouble! Hank sometimes has a midnight craving and opens the refrigerator door with his nose!!

Hank is the cutest, cuddliest friend!!!


Jack Dawson

Meet Jack Dawson! He’s a 6 month old long haired Dachshund pup living the city dog life to the fullest!

He joined our family from a respectable Dachshund breeder at 9 weeks old, because his two mommas knew they needed a man in the house.

He is not only a star crossed lover, but also an expert in tipping water bowls when hungry, sun bathing, and cuddlin’ with his mommas.

He has little dog syndrome and is super tough only when being held. He enjoys bath tubs, but not baths, and is a self proclaimed peanut butter addict.

When excited, he turns into a wiggly fluffy noodle. He can give you his paw, sit, and spin in a circle when and if he feels like it. He loves to dig, beg for fine cuisine, and strut his stuff for the ladies in his bow tie.

Loved by all, feared by none, and still looking for his long lost Rose. “I’ll never let go” of this special pup!



I adopted Jameson in October 2016, and she fit in perfectly from the first day!

Her special skills include cheering people up, guarding mom from dangerous bunnies, and snuggling!

Some of Jameson’s favorite activities are staring contests, long hikes, and playing in the snow/mud/water!

She is so excited to have been nominated!

Dog of the Month Contest

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