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Murphy the Great Dane came into our lives when my husband Adam surprised me with him for my 27th birthday! It was the sweetest gift I’ve ever received and a surprise Adam will never be able to top! It was the best birthday ever!

Some of his special skills include opening doors and gates on his own and drooling all over everything!

Murphy loves swimming, camping, running, car rides-Anything he can do with us!

Murphy has filled our home with so much love and warmth-He is truly irreplaceable. We love him so much!


Zuma joined our family on May 11th of this year, and we can’t believe we’ve had him for 5 months! He has been such a joy to get to know. We found Zuma through a wonderful rescue called Greenmore Farms in Pennsylvania. His name was originally “Troy”, but we thought Neil Young’s album “Zuma” was a better fit for him (especially once we found out that this boy can ZOOM!)

Zuma can sit, stay, wait, leave it, come, go to bed, paw/”other” paw, high five, and (sometimes) catch treats! We recently taught him “donut” (spin around) and “touchdown” to celebrate during Buffalo Bills and Penn State football games. He is also a very good jumper. Zuma is a barnacle, and loves following the humans around to see what they’re up to. Sometimes his ears stick up like a bat, and get flipped around backwards all the time. He doesn’t like water, and is careful to walk around all the puddles on our walks.

He is a master at dismembering his toys, always gnawing off the tiny ears and arms first before getting rid of that pesky stuffing. He has graciously spared the first toy he ever got (a stuffed brontosaurus) from being ripped apart. Zuma likes to eat dust, because he is a weirdo, and despite Mom & Dad feeding him tasty, nutritious food.  He also loooved to snack on cicadas during our walks in the summer. Crunchy!

Zuma loves “Greenies” treats, and his ears perk up at every mention. He also has started to recognize the word “daycare”, and will leap and bound excitedly around the house before we leave for Dog Days! His favorite place to be lately is curled up in the big human bed, or at Grandma’s house (especially because there are stairs there. He loves stairs). He also squeaks every time he yawns. We love Zuma so much, and he fills our days with so much joy!



Hi, My name is Wilson aka Will. I’m almost 2 years old. I was adopted by my mom when I was only 9 weeks old. I came from a really nice family that had a litter of 12!! The timing was right because my mom just moved into a house and was looking for a dog to add to the family. I’m so glad that she chose me!

In my free time, I love playing outside and going on hikes with my mom and John. We have a big backyard with lots of grasshoppers that I like to catch in the summertime! I’m a pro at tearing up all of my toys in no time at all. And I can chew on a bone all day long! When I go on walks, I like to say Hi to everyone I see … dog or human it doesn’t matter! When I’m home, I lounge in my big chair and dream about swimming in a pool of dog treats!

I love going to visit at grandma’s house and uncle Andy’s house too! Sometimes my doggie friends Carl, Zoar and Xena come over and we run around and chase each other in the backyard!

My mom sometimes asks me if I am a good boy, I’m not really sure why, but she must think that I am because she is always hugging me and giving me kisses!!



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