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Beamer joined our family on 7/17/17.  Our two kids had been asking for a dog for years!  We had lost our cat to cancer a couple of weeks before and we finally gave in.  We adopted him from a family in Genesee, Pennsylvania.

His special skills include – catching pepperoni mid air, keeping mom warm at night, and turning bad days into good days!

Beamer loves playing fetch with dad, biting dad, jumping on dad, wrestling with dad, snuggling with mom and the kids on the couch!

He loves pumpkin cookies fresh out of the oven and pizza crust

Beamer has been the most wonderful addition to our family.  We love him with all our hearts!



Hi my name is Hans Waldron. I joined my family almost a year ago and it’s been a whirlwind for everyone ever since. Right out of the gate I was a mama’s dog and I never left her side. But then dad started taking me to the dog park and little by little dad won the position of alpha in my heart. I have two brothers, Keller and Nathan, whom I also love very much.

I spend a bit of time at the dog park and hang out with other four legged friends that go by the names of Skyway Johnny, Bob Barker, and Harley. Mom and Dad call it my gang!

As you can see, I’m a German Shepard, with maybe a little something else thrown in. I’m Canine Good Citizen certified, which made my parents very happy! I love other dogs and have a great time playing with them. Mom says I am so sweet and she loves to kiss me all the time.

I spent the last couple of weeks at the beach and have loved swimming and fetching tennis balls, although I really don’t get this “drop it” command. Why would I give it back so easily? It’s much more fun to play keep away!

Absolutely nothing gets by me. My ears are in constant motion and I am aware of my surroundings at all times. I love to be active and am always ready for the next adventure. I totally enjoy going for walks, running with friends, and going for long hikes too! But when I get to just relax I love to have my belly rubbed and to just hang out with my family. I’m a very lucky dog! And my family thinks they’re pretty lucky too!

The people at Dog Days of Buffalo are always so sweet to me and I want to say thank you for always welcoming me with open arms. WOOF, WOOF!



Puga the pug was rescued from a puppy mill last august! We always wanted a pug and when our golden retriever passed away we missed having a dog running around so we got Puga!

Puga knows how to play fetch and likes to pick up litter and brings it home.

She barks at nothing in particular and every night she finds a good time to sprint around the house for ten minutes!

She also loves to snuggle, read (A.K.A. eat) the toilet paper, tries to bring in big tree branches through the doggie door but can’t fit through, Is able to crawl under the couch but is too chubby to get out and always has a snaggle tooth sticking out of her mouth!

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