Harlem Rd.

Dog Days of Buffalo Harlem Rd. has four distinct and spacious play areas. Each of these indoor play areas has a climate-controlled atmosphere, continuous access to fresh water, access to the outdoor play yard, exercise equipment, and our professionally-trained and experienced staff.

Play Area 1

Indoor Large Dog Daycare

This 1,800 square foot room rocks with the energy and excitement of our larger guests having loads of fun!

Play Area 2

Outdoor Large Dog Daycare

Over 2,000 square feet of paved and fenced play space, including pools, shade, and exercise equipment for socialization.

Play Area 3

Indoor Small Dog Daycare

Catering to the needs of our small and shy guests, this 1000 square foot room packs a lot of attitude in a small package.

Play Area 4

Outdoor Small Dog Daycare

Almost 2,000 square feet of paved and fenced play allowing our smaller and shy dogs to playfully socialize without the fear of larger more dominant company.

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For the safety of our precious guests and staff

Each dog is thoroughly evaluated for its suitability for daycare. Dogs exhibiting any aggressive tendencies will not be permitted into socialized play at any time.