Puppy Kindergarten

6 weeks - PUPPIES UP TO six months of age

This class will get you started on the right path by using positive reinforcement methods to teach you and your puppy basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, and more. We will also go over some common puppy problem behaviors like potty training, play biting, pulling on the leash, jumping and chewing. A must for new dog owners.
basic obedience

Basic Obedience

6 weeks - Dog over six months of age

(No pre-requisites)

Training is essential to having a long loving relationship with your dog and it’s never too late to start. Join our group class to learn how to help your dog be a welcome and well mannered member of your family. All the basic commands like sit, down, stay, walking on leash, coming when called, and polite greeting are covered in detail. We also will help you address other common behavioral issues that can arise with any dog.

Advanced Obedience

6 weeks

(Discount available if you have taken our basic obedience or puppy class)

This is a fun class that will use all of the commands you and your dog have already learned and add in more distractions to make the commands solid. In this class you and your dog will play obedience games to advance your training and keep it fun. Your dog won’t even realize he’s learning. This is a great class to get you prepared for the AKC Canine Good Citizen class.


AKC Canine Good Citizen

6 weeks

(Discount available if you have taken Advanced Obedience here)

Class for dogs that have already taken an obedience class. This class is for dogs with a great grasp of basic obedience commands and good manners. The Canine Good Citizen test is a 10 part test to see how well mannered your dog is and how well they listen to your commands. We will have a 5 week prep class to get ready for the test. The test will be administered in week 6 by an AKC certified evaluator.

Tricks Class

5 weeks

(No pre-requisites)

Class for any dog that knows their basic obedience commands. This is a fun class designed to teach you and your dog some new tricks. You will use your basic obedience commands to learn tricks like play dead, army crawl, roll over, sit pretty and much more.


Walk N' Talks

once a week- No prerequisite

Fun trainer guided adventures for your family and your pup. This will be a great way to level up your dogs commands in nature. The class will walk for 1.5 miles with a few stops to work on commands and learn fun new ways to get your dogs attention while outside.  Each week will be a new adventure with hiking spots such as Chestnut Ridge, Lakeside Bike Park, Knox Farm, and more. This class is only offered in the warmer months. Family participation is encouraged and well behaved children are always welcomed.

Barky Dog

5 Weeks

This is a 5 week class that is specifically for dogs who misbehave on leash; barking and lunging towards other people and dogs.  Help your dog focus on you and walk politely on leash without misbehaving.  Using positive reinforcement methods and walks in public places we will practice good behaviors on leash with distractions.

TDI Prep

5 weeks

This is a fun 5-week class that is for dogs who have a strong knowledge of basic commands and wish to become Therapy Dogs International certified. We will practice the skills needed to pass the Therapy Dogs International Test which include: group sit/stay, reaction to unusual distractions, coming when called, reaction to children and leave it situations. A certified TDI evaluator comes into our facility and will administer the TDI Test once a year. Visit for more details about the test.


Private Lessons

1 Hour

One-hour private training and problem solving classes solely dedicated to you and your dog. Classes take place either here in our facility in a state of the art private training room studio, or in the comfort of your own home. Private lessons are often used to work on problem behaviors or to learn all your basic obedience commands. Please call one of our trainers to discuss your needs and see what program would work best for you and your family.


Getting off on the Right Paw

This new program is available to puppies under six months of age. For one low price, you and your new pup will receive:

  • One spot in the Puppy Kindergarten group class
  • Three full days of daycare
  • One private in-home lesson (this lesson can be used before the puppy is old enough to start class to get them started on the “right paw”, or after they have completed their class to work on any lingering issues in the home.
  • One full-service puppy groom

Intro to Dog Days

  • One group class of your choice
  • Three days of daycare (one single private in-home lesson can be substituted in the unfortunate event that your dog is determined not to be a good fit for daycare)
  • One full-service groom


All classes require a non-refundable deposit upon registration.


We require your dog to be up to date on all their vaccines, including Distemper/Parvo (puppies need to have at least two from their puppy series), Bordetella, and rabies (if over 4 months of age) to attend a class in our facility. As an added bonus, upon completion of all of our training classes, a free day of daycare is given to all students.  

A $26 value just to say thank you for choosing Dog Days of Buffalo for all of your dog’s training needs. 

Pricing and Package Options

Please call 716-886-DOGS (3647) or email for pricing or package options. Our trainers will help you to determine which class or training program would be best for you.