New Potential Services Survey

As our family and service offerings continue to grow, we wanted to be sure to include you in the process.

Listed below are services that we are currently evaluating for potential offer in the near future. The voice of the customer is very important to us, and we need your help in determining WHICH of these services would be most valuable to you on a personal level.

Please Rate the Following Services on a Scale from 1-5

Pick Up/Drop Off Services for Daycare*
Overnight Boarding
Online Reservations/Purchases
Social Occasions/Mixers
Saturday Daycare
Luxury Spa Grooming packages
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Survey Guide

1 = If you offered this service, it would have NO impact on my life
2 = I will use this service little, if ever
3 = I might occasionally use this service
4 = I would appreciate and use this service regularly
5 = I REALLY, REALLY want this! Please! This would make my life SO much easier!